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Website Quotation Template – 8+ Samples & Examples

It can be easily argued that the internet is the 21st century’s market. Sure brick and mortars still exist, but with billions of daily users, the Internet easily has the greater market share. Hence websites are the new storefronts, with web designers as architects, interior decorators and handymen. Just as each store’s design appeals uniquely to a target base, so do online stores. As a result website quotation templates serve as a sort of portfolio, so clients can easily select what interface would suit their online presence, with regards to their budget.

New Website Quotation

New website quotations, are intended for blank canvases. The client is informed about the various visual elements and layout styles, including how texts and ads will be viewed, plus the degree to which these elements interact to make the site user friendly. It’s basically designing from scratch. So the price quotes will allow the client choose the type of platform that best suits the expected site visitors.


Basic Website Quotation



Dynamic Website Quotation

Dynamic website quotations, are mostly presented to websites that need to make updates resulting from growth. Companies typically begin small without realising how their user needs will change their platform. Dynamic sites, for example, will allow for real time generation of pages, useful especially for news sites that make constant updates.



E-commerce Website Quotation

A comprehensive e-commence website quotation needs to show how the quoted price determines user’s ease of navigation (architectural structure), browser compatibility (perform equally on all browsers), multimedia outlets, and interactive platforms (for customer feedback). All of these are core needs for e-stores, so designers have to demonstrate they can meet these needs.



Website Quotation PDF



Website Price Quotation



Website Development Quotation

For increased site traffic, web development quotations should clearly state how improved search engine optimisation techniques benefit the client’s content or site message ranking.



Website Design Quotation



Quotation for Website Maintenance



The bottom line is that your price quotation should always reflect how prices favor the end-user (interface), which is what clients care about the most.

Website quote templates thus provide a comprehensive but flexible way of presenting quotations to clients, revealing end-user benefits without alienating those with limited budgets, or varying customer bases.