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Event Quotation Template – 17+ (Word, Excel, PDF Format)

The event quotation template is very important especially if you are an event organizer. Event quotation provides the entire information about the price of the product, items, services, materials and labor which you are required to pay so as to assure the completion of a particular event. Always consider using Event quotation so as to avoid losses at the end of the event.


You can even use event quotation template so as to make things simpler, easier and clearer.

Catering Event Quotation


Event Organizer Quotation


Event Decoration Quotation

An event décor quotation is identified as a document that is carefully crafted by a décor organizer to assist in communication values to the potential clients who are depending on their services for event production as well as event management.


Event Photography Quotation


Corporate Event Quotation


Wedding Event Quotation


Event Planning Quotation

A sample quotation of an even planning refers to a document for corporate pre-planning events which contain Guests, Décor, Catering, table planner, flowers arrangements, Entertainer quotation services, presentations, Recording/technical, task delegation template, service providers and the past-Event-evaluations.


Event Management Quotation Template

A price quotation is among the most important documents required by event management services or companies during their operational processes. This document can significantly assist in conducting the process of the business with the clients. Price quotation templates can be downloaded for business purposes. There are different professionally made design to choose from.


Sports Event Quotation

An event quotation template is a type of a document used by event planner to provide the information about a particular service or product that he/she provides to the event host or organizer. This type of event quotation does not comprise sponsorship or discounts deals depending on the initial transaction agreed upon before creating the event quotation.


Catering Quotation (Excel)

An event catering quotation is a document that offers the information about an initial cost of a package providing the caterer to their customers. Also, this document must be written accurately since it can interfere with the transaction as well as the services execution. At the end of the catering, quotation needs to found on the requirements of the customers.


Request for Event Quote


Equipment Quotation


Event Quotation


Request for Quotation


Event Quotation for Company


Photography Quotation for Event

An event quotation for photography is a document created by a photographer of show transparency about the services he or she offered to a particular client. Additionally, this type of document is also created to for presenting price of the services of photography in a professional way. In fact, it is the main reason why this document is keenly assessed and considered.


Event Wedding Quotation

Wedding quotation is a document used by a wedding planner to assist him/her in presenting a visually stunning showcase of the previous events. With the wedding-quotation-template, a wedding planner can detail the services that offer various sections such as testimonials, background and contracts.


Compensation Event Quotation Template

A sample letter of the quotation is known as a document that is prepared to be presented at an event to another event showing an interest in applying for a particular project or contract. The samples of event quotation letter can as well be downloaded online. However, this letter can either make the recipient grant the contact or even reject it depending on how it is written. Therefore, it should write accurately, with courtesy and professionally.