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Electrical Quotation Template – 10+ (Word, Excel & PDF)

We’re in the information age, which means that before a client actually allows you work on their electrical wiring, he or she would spend a considerable amount of time researching what you’ll be doing and why you’re charging certain amounts. While a good sales pitch might get you on the prospective client’s shortlist, the justification for your prices and your qualifications are ultimately what get you the job. Thus, electrical quotation template is an efficient means of conveying your intended work, at reasonable prices that will withstand the flood of information from the net.


Here are some electrical quote templates to help you.

Electrical Material Quotation


Electrical Labor Quotation


Electrical Installation Quotation Format


Electrical Quotation WORD

Using an electrical quotation template in word simply gives you the opportunity to edit in your prices into professionally drafted templates.


Electrician Goods Quotation


Electrical Quotation Format PDF

The electrical quotation sample in PDF offers you a glance at what the industry standard is. Its transparency offers more credibility to your client for the work you’ll be embarking on.


Electrical Work Quotation


Electrical Estimate Template (Excel)

Providing an electrical template in excel to clients gives them the option of being flexible with regards to the work they want done, and the prices at each quality. It’s thus budget friendly, since clients can decide for example on the quality of the materials they want used as well as the speed of the work to be done based on the number of labor to be used.


Electrical Construction Quotation


Electrical Maintenance Quotation


Electrical Items Quotation


Electrical quote templates are designed to evoke trust, by being as transparent as possible so clients have no need to second guess you.

So aside from the added benefit of saving your time, it reduces the chances that your client will doubt your counsel.