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Construction companies issue hundreds, if not thousands, of construction quotes to potential clients every year. Preparing a quote takes a lot of time to prepare; it must be correct, and it must be competitive. Failure to get the quote correct can cause the construction company to lose money on the job, lose business if the quote is not competitive, and may alienate the client if items are missed, or there are cost overruns. There is a lot of pressure to produce a high-quality quote quickly to meet deadlines and stay ahead of the competition.

Construction quote templates are very useful for companies providing quotes to their clients. Saving time, accuracy, and ensuring each quote represents your best efforts to meet your client’s needs are a few of the advantages of using contraction quote templates.

What Is a Construction quote Template?

Construction quote templates are useful tools to help busy contractors and estimators prepare quotes for their clients, save time and ensure that all of the necessary details are included. 

Templates can be customized for your business, including company name, logo, and contact details. If you use standard equipment, which is billed for by the hour or day, these can be added via drop-down menus along with the hourly or daily rates. They avoid the requirement of having to manually add individual items with their standard names and rates for every quote you prepare. Even small companies that prepare hundreds of quotes will save a great deal of time while maintaining a professional quote for their customers. The time saved can be devoted to interfacing with your customers, answering questions, and completing more jobs.

Construction quote templates can include details for accepting the quote, banking information for deposits, and details that let the quote be converted into an invoice. These are further time-saving tools that both your client and your company management will appreciate.

Highfile – Construction quote Template

Download Source: Highfile.com – this free quote template includes fields specific to the construction project.

DocFormats.com – Construction Work Quote Template

Download Source: DocFormats.com – This particular source provides various construction quote templates in diverse formats, which include Google Docs, Sheets, and PDF. These templates cater to the needs of construction businesses and enable them to create professional and well-organized quotes.

Smartsheet.com – Simple Construction Estimate Template

Download Source: smartsheet.com – this source provides simple construction quote template in Excel and PDF Format.

JotForm.com – Construction Company Quote Template

Download Source: Jotform.com – this source have a simple construction company quote template that one can fill and download in PDF Format.

Quotationtemplates.net – Construction Quoting Templates

Download Source: Quotationtemplates.net – this source have various construction quote templates in different formats.

Free Construction Work Quote Templates

Civil Work Quote Template - MSWord
Construction Work Quote Template - MSWord
Construction Work Quote Template - MSWord
Construction Work Quote Template - MSWord
Construction Work Quote Template - MSWord
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Remote Work Quote Template - MSWord
Work From Home Service Quote Template - MSWord
Work Quote Template - MSWord

    When do You Need a Construction quote Template?

    Anytime a customer requests a quote, a construction quote template can be very useful. The potential client is often looking for a quick turnaround so they can make a decision. They may be requesting quotes from several contractors or suppliers for the same service and will compare the quotes they receive. They will look at the price, delivery times, types of materials used, services, and warranty to compare the quotes. In addition, a professional-looking quote will create a positive impression before they review the details. A professional quote provides an impression of quality, attention to detail, and accuracy. Construction quote templates can help small contractors, as well as large companies, meet these objectives.

    Clients may request a quote verbally, expecting a quick reply within a few hours. Larger companies often use RFQs to initiate a bidding process and request responses by a specific date and time. Whether you are replying directly or as a subcontractor to another company, your construction quote can be included in the final quote. Templates allow for a quick, professional response to the main client or a contractor. 

    Essential Elements of a Construction quote Template

    Every construction quote template must be customized to the industry and the business area your company operates in. The template must always include the following essential elements to ensure clarity, professionalism, and accuracy. The following are essential elements that should be found in every template:

    • Business details
    • Customer or client details
    • Company logo
    • quote number
    • Effective date for the quote
    • Construction material costs
    • Construction labor costs
    • Discounts included
    • Explanatory notes and assumptions

    Business details – your business name, address, contact details, and business registration number, tax ID should be included in this section. This information should be on every template.

    Customer or client details – verify the accuracy of your customer’s name, address, and contact details and include these details on your quote.

    Company logo – if you have a company logo, add it to the template so that it appears on every quote.

    quote number – every quote should have a unique quote number for tracking purposes that can be converted to an invoice number. You may decide to add letters designating the type of quote, quotes for a specific customer, and so on.

    The effective date for the quote – this date should be the date that your quote is submitted to your customer and used for record purposes for follow-up meetings and tracking.

    Construction material costs – accurately include all material items, the quantities, and the cost per unit for each item. Once the quote is submitted, there are no revisions. Your company must honor the quote to maintain credibility with your customer and the industry you operate in.

    Construction labor costs – the same applies to labor hours worked to complete the job. Different trades and professionals will be billed at different rates. Don’t forget to include applicable taxes on labor and material items.

    Discounts included – repeat clients, large orders, or competitive bids may suggest including a discount for your customer to enhance your chances of the quote being accepted by your customer. Not every business offers a discount. 

    Explanatory notes and assumptions – add notes to explain any line item that needs clarification. You may add a note to explain the discount details and requirements to qualify for the discount. Assumptions about delays and the impact on the total cost are often included to cover increased costs. Include assumptions about building permits, their timelines, and changes that may be required.

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    How to Create a Construction Quote Template?

    Business managers can create construction quote templates using an excel spreadsheet or download a template that can be populated with all of the standard common information needed in your personal business construction quote template. Fill in the standard information about your business, including name and contact details, and add your company’s logo to the template.

    There may be standard explanatory notes that should be in every quote sent to your customers. Add these notes in the notes section. There may be notes added to the quote specific to each customer. Ensure there is room to add these notes as well.

    If your quote template offers drop-down menus for adding construction materials and labor, add these standard materials and labor costs in the appropriate section. This will save you time when you prepare a quote for a customer and ensure consistency of descriptions and rates charged for each item. Prices may change for each quote depending on supplier costs and shipping charges.

    Populate the applicable fields for sales tax and other taxes you may be obligated to charge your customers.

    Once all of the data has been entered, it is time to test your construction quote template by preparing an actual quote. As you work through successive quotes, there may be additional changes needed to reflect new material, different labor types, and modifications that will make the preparation of quotes easier and more accurate. Save your construction quote template with a serial number or name that makes it easy to distinguish the most recent quote template. If there are multiple people in your company preparing quotes, they will always be able to tell which template is the latest version.

    Best Practices for Construction Quote Templates

    There are several best practices construction companies should consider when preparing a construction quote template. These include:

    Make payment easy – include payment options in the notes section for your customer to select. If a down payment is required, your customer can select the option best suited for them and make their payment immediately.

    Consider local building codes – review all of the local building codes and include them as needed in the notes section of the quote. Companies can avoid delays due to regulatory requirements and unforeseen material costs caused by local codes that have not been met. Building inspectors check for local code issues and can add significant delays to a project while construction is brought up to code.

    Verify subcontractor charges – subcontractors have their materials and labor, which change all of the time due to inflation and code requirements. Always check for current rates and cost of materials before submitting the final quote. Finding out that a subcontractor has raised his charges by 10% after the quote has been submitted can eat into your profit very quickly.

    Key points

    Construction quote templates are an important tool for every business to utilize. There are many advantages to consider:

    • Saves time for estimators
    • Maintains a professional document
    • Ensures the accuracy of your profile and contact details
    • Multiple estimators utilize the same master template, ensuring consistency
    • Explanatory notes that are common to every quote are automatically included
    • Sales tax is automatically calculated
    • Information is easily transferred to an invoice
    • Payment details included with every quote

    Construction quote templates can be updated as prices and labor change, creating a continuously up-to-date file for estimators to refer to. Building codes and general building assumptions can also be built into the template to ensure that nothing is missed in the quote. A missed item could mean the construction company has to absorb the cost and reduce its profit margin.

    Create your construction quote template using a spreadsheet or use a template that can be downloaded and modified to meet your needs.