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Business Quotation Template – 17+ (for Word, Excel, PDF)

Unless your firm has accumulated quite a bit of experience in an industry, meaning you have an established clientele, or simply put brand recognition, your firm’s primary advantage will be in your cost competitiveness. Hence how flexible your price quotations are, compared with your competitor will ultimately decide whether or not clients flock to you. As a general rule, a business quotation template is usually previewed to see what the average industry prices are, and what additional tweaks can be made to give your company a distinctive edge.


Here are some business quotation templates to help you.

Price Quotation Template


Work Quotation Template in Excel

Along this line, business quotation templates in excel utilise the imputed data and formulae to automatically calculate what edge you’ll have when certain variables are changed. So that if the industry figures are gotten from using generic materials, you can easily see the cost effect of changing your materials. You can also determine which additional services can be cut out to give your firm a slight edge over others. The point with using excel, is that you don’t have to know the formula being used before getting accurate results.


Work Quotation Template PDF

Business quotation templates in PDF however, since they’re un editable, simply allow you make price comparisons. Quotation templates are usually put together after careful survey of the general pricing standards in a particular industry, since before you can have an upper hand, you’d need to know precisely what costs to target to make yours customer friendly.


Sales Quotation Template in Word

Using business quotation templates in word provide slightly different results than excel. Word doesn’t have the formula input that excel does, so its advantage is in customizing what you’ve downloaded to suit your organisation’s goals or standards.


Company Estimate Quotation Template


Service Quote Template


Construction Quote Template

Construction quote templates are documents prepared as a proposal for prospective clients about the estimated costs to complete the desired task. Especially in remodeling cases, it’s very important to establish, from the get go, what the client’s expectations should be based on his or her budget so that there are no misinterpretations later on.


Hourly Price Quote Template

For those industries where time is important, hourly price quote templates are an effective means of breaking down what counts as services rendered. For example, experts like lawyers who provide legal counsel, regardless of the time of day, can state clearly what charges apply to different timings. So work hours (9am -5 pm) may be charged slightly different than off work hours.


Quotation Template Format

Using Work quote templates, especially if you are a relatively small business, gives your clients detailed explanation of services and costs for the scope of work you’ll be embarking on their behalf. These quotes are designed to be as transparent as possible since most people like knowing exactly what is being spent to accomplish different tasks.


Sample Quotation


Business Travel Quotation


Rate Quotation Format


Business Quotation Recommendation


Business Quotation and Summary Sheet


Business Quotation Template in PDF


Corporate Event Template


Wedding Quotation Template

Wedding quotation formats give a detailed list of all the possible services covered. This way, the couple can omit which service shouldn’t apply to their wedding. Having this detailed list creates awareness, to the customers, about services they probably didn’t know they could have.


Hire Purchase Quotation


Pre Agreement Statement & Quotation


Business Quote Template PDF


Business Quotation Template (Sample)


How to Create A Business Quote Template

While quotes and invoices are very similar, since they both state prices for each services, quotes aren’t legally binding on the customer until he or she certifies it. Here are key details that validate a quote;

  • Expiration date – the time frame in which you (the vendor) would be legally bound by the prices stated.
  • Quotation or document number
  • Contact details – point of contact, in case the customer has queries
  • Terms and conditions – that is, payment requirements as well as other legal disclaimers.
  • Customer signature – this is what legally binds the client.

All templates available are carefully worded so there’s no need for you to make radical time-consuming adjustments. Your concern will mostly be to customize it to suit your business objective.